Museum Opening: Thank you!

Thanks to the more than 1,500 folks who showed up April 1 and 2 for the member's preview and main museum opening for Kevin MacDonald: The Tension of a Suspended Moment. It was great to see friends old and new and meet many new ones, some of them old (confused yet?). Staff at the American University Museum did a stellar job on all aspects of the show -- please go visit, Monday to Sundays 11-4 through 5/29. This work will never be together again!

The large crowd represented record attendance and seems like folks were energized by the combination of shows, between Kevin's show, the Twisted Teenage Plot show (about a band that Kevin played in, all artists), the Bill Dunlap show, and two exhibits of young artists. What a terrific combination.

Special thanks to Robin Rose, one of Kevin's oldest friends and his bandmate in Twisted Teenage Plot for hosting an after party at Comet Ping Pong, and to Chris Li for taking this spectacular 360 degree photograph -- it takes a minute to load, and you can scroll up, down, and all around in the image. (I know! He picked a quiet moment to take the picture!).

Now I'm going to go soak my feet....

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